Christmas Wine Serving Tips from WineWeaver’s Master Sommelier

In my opinion, there is one element when drinking wine that is so often overlooked, but which is so crucial to the wine. Wine tasting notes are all very well, but if you overlook the temperature at which you serve your wines, well, the experience can be ruined. So, onto wine temperature…

Wine Temperature

In the hectic festive days of Christmas and the New Year, when the heating is on, there is also lots of cooking and stove heat as the feasts are prepared. Space is at a premium, but so often, there it sits – the wine – ready and waiting in the kitchen and so often to its detriment!

With a crowded kitchen, it is time to consider the natural fridge – namely the outside space where the temperature will provide an external cool point at which to keep those treasured wine bottles at low temperature and with the added advantage of a neutral flavour in the atmosphere (unlike the steamy kitchen with all those foods being prepared).

Christmas Serving Tips Wine Temperature C DelalondeI admit, for my favoured wine temperature, I serve my red wines on the cool side as I like the fruit spectrum brought out by the lower temperature – it is indeed a question of taste, but I also prefer my whites to be warmer than traditionally poured.

Just factor in a little time to plan the serving of the wine ahead, often with a fridge full of food, the outside is as convenient as it gets – and you’ll welcome the space indoors!

About 15minutes before food is served, bring the wines back to the table area so it can warm just perfectly to please anyone!

A simple serving trick, but it really is worth the extra mile.

Best wishes for the Festive Season everyone and enjoy your Christmas wines, whatever they may be!


December 2013

Christmas Wine Serving Tips - Decanter and WineWeaver aerator

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