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Choosing a Wine Aerator

choosing a wine aerator

Choosing a Wine Aerator that’s best for you

Choosing a wine aerator can be a frustrating process given the various types of aerator now on the market. However only the WineWeaver® wine aerator is designed to work in perfect harmony with the size, shape and curve of your wine glass to deliver unparalleled aeration results.

The Vinturi (sometimes spelt Venturi) and Decantus aerators for instance, have to be awkwardly hand-held over your glass whilst the other hand holds and pours the bottle of wine. The wine is poured through the aerator and is delivered straight to the bottom of the glass, thus bypassing the most important design feature of any wine glass – the shape and size of the curve.

Points To Consider When Choosing A Wine Aerator;

As all sommeliers know, you pour a wine into the curve of a glass for the best results. Riedel, Schott, Spiegelau and many other wine glass manufacturers have all designed their glasses around this premise, and continue to do so. However, many of the existing single-glass wine aerators, such as the Vinturi and Decantus, seem to offer the same technology, which sadly excludes the glass!

Another wine aerator, the Rabbit Pourer, developed by Metrokane, has tried hard to capture the growing ‘wine by-the-glass’ market. Whilst this aerator provides a new twist on an old idea, it still doesn’t harmonise with the contours of your wineglass. You place the aerator in the neck of the bottle and pour the wine as you would normally; the wine enters the aerating chamber, then exits through the nozzle, down into your glass, yet again doesn’t utilise the contours of your glass.

WineWeaver® however is a revolutionary wine aerator with a super-lightweight design and Unique Adjustable Delivery System (ADS) that has been specifically engineered to work in perfect harmony with today’s glassware, such as Riedel, Spiegelau, Dartington, Waterford, Nachtmann and many others. In essence, WineWeaver® offers excellent by the glass aeration.

WineWeaver® offers easy to use hands free technology that can be adjusted to suit your glass (or decanter for that matter), thus ensuring that a wine poured through WineWeaver® is delivered directly to the contours of your wineglass to be combined as an integral step of the aeration process.

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