Château Certan 2005, Pomerol Tasting Notes

Château Certan 2005, Pomerol – Tasting Notes

Pomerol Tasting Notes

The other day I was dining with some clients and in the small collection of wines there was an opportunity to make some Pomerol wine tasting notes on a Vieux Château Certan 2005, a fabulous Pomerol!

The estate is in Bordeaux and owned by the Thienpont Family with Alexandre Thienpont running the vineyard. The vineyard is located in the centre of the AOC very close to the very famous Petrus estate.

I seriously had to go against all my training to open the bottle – oh, it was so very, very young. Nevertheless, on opening this bottle of Pomerol the colour of the wine was deep with a concentrated core and a medium plus on the ethanol. The nose was opened with spices, oak and mocha scents dominating.

I would not have dared to imagine prior to opening a Vieux Château Certan of this age but yes, it turned out to be more approachable that even I could have imagined.  In essence, it was rather ‘modern’ or young but already with layers and complexity showing through.

As you know, I am testing wines and the impact of aeration so once more I had to test the palate and we thus decanted this baby of wines through my wine aerator before we moved on to other components of our tasting. You may also know that I use this particular aerator because it aerates with a certain natural gentleness.

Despite the aeration process, my wine tasting notes record that I deemed it necessary to wait another half an hour before returning to taste this young wine. On our return our tasting notes record that the nose had developed with ripe fruit, stone fruit scents (plums), chocolate, spices from the oak barrels and wet earth – freshly cut mushrooms and minerals. It was a full red wine and at the same time settled – thoughts which are quite disarming for such an acclaimed vintage (the highest quality since 1982).

I suppose it is all about balance. The Vieux Château Certan had a balance at birth and this balance has been maintained throughout its development.

To give you more thoughts on the palate – it had a deep structure which was vivid. Wonderful bright fruit with layers of well knitted acid. Again there were those sweet fruits, spices of the oak, coffee beans and minerals. It was a very pure and definitely well balanced wine with a precise definition. It could not have been anything else than Bordeaux!

I have not tasted many ‘05 since the primeurs tastings in Bordeaux but if they come out as precise as this – what a tour de force! Nevertheless, don’t rush too fast as I believe it is better to wait another 10 years before opening another VCC 05, both you and the wine deserve the wait.


Editors Comment

Sounds like a great wine to buy now before it becomes too expensive. Store it and make sure you put a date in your calendar for ten years or so from now as it may prove to be a bargain. I couldn’t resist checking out the delightful website and if you are not convinced here is a short quote from Vieux Château Certan “Making a great wine is at the same time satisfying loyal followers, respecting a distinctive style and letting the wine tell its own story …and not ours”.

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