Wine lover’s – grab that wine aerator and take note!

Pack your wine aerator ready for the weekend! Lovers of great food and wine can celebrate in the style at the Atascadero Lakeside Wine Festival starting tomorrow- June 23, 2012.  This exceptional wine festival boasts a casual atmosphere to celebrate California’s Central Coast Wine Region. The festivities are packed with an incredible bounty of food, wine varietals from around the region for you to enjoy with your wine aerator as well as live entertainment and the viewing of some of the regions fine artistic talent.  Set in the Atascadero Lake Park, California, visitors can expect to experience the diversity and world-class quality of this Californian region’s artisanal wine and food.

The wine festival will bring together more than 80 wineries to the Atascadero Lakeside Park all to share their favorite wines with those in attendence – so make sure you pack your favorite wine aerator!

Not only will there be a great collection of wines in attendance, but also local chefs sharing in their fine wine cuisine and local artists showcasing their impressive talents,

This is the seventeenth Atascadero Wine Festival and is, once again, sure to create a complete wine tasting experience that embodies the spirit of this region.

So, why not head out tomorrow, pack you wine aerator and taste some fantastic Central Coast Californian wines. You’ll be sure to have a truly wonderful time.

Atascadero Wine Festival 2012- buy wine aerator

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