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By the Glass Wine Aeration

By the glass wine aeration

By The Glass Wine Aeration – The Versatility of WineWeaver

WineWeaver® delivers perfectly aerated wine direct from the bottle to your glass and allows you to instantly enjoy each and every wine in optimum drinking condition. So, whether you’re entertaining and matching differing personal tastes or food to wine, or simply wishing to indulge, why not uncork a variety of wines to enjoy and aerate by the glass…

…and for any unfinished bottles, your WineWeaver® wine aerator is the perfect partner for reviving vacuumed and re-sealed wines to enjoy later.

Perfect For By The Glass Wine Aeration:

With it’s super-lightweight design, WineWeaver® ensures safe and direct contact with fine glass and stemware, whilst the distinctive exterior fins enable the wine aerator to nestle securely on a wide range of wineglasses. WineWeaver’s® aerator is also suitable when using a decanter to decant a whole bottle.

For a more enjoyable experience, WineWeaver’s® uniquely perforated spout also acts to efficiently filter both sediment and cork, whilst the non-drip stand cradles the WineWeaver® and catches any drips between uses.

Take a look at our WineWeaver wine aerators available to buy in store.

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