Burger and Wine Match

With the sun shining and the BBQ’s being dusted off from the garage, (plus following our a recent recipe contribution the ‘Thespian Summer Burger’ from an actor in the Westend’s  Midsummer Night’s Dream) it seems opportune for our Sommelier Christopher Delalonde to advise on the perfect wine match for a wonderfully tasty burger in the Summer months ahead (aerated with a WineWeaver wine aerator of course!)

A great burger can be enjoyed in any season, but for this time of year I would recommend a rose and a red wine.

The rose will be a classical Provence one Domaine de Valdition, la Bastide; 2011. Cotes de Provence Rose.

As expected, it is the fruit that drives you at first, as well as this lightly crushed  red berries; floral and light herbal tones that fully fill the nose expression. The palate is as aromatic and lifted by a touch of sweetness from the ripeness of the Grenache grape that is part of the blend for this wine. This adds to the length and drinkability of the cuvée.

So, you imagine a crunchy bun filled with ripe tomatoes; fresh cucumber; salads and a hunky medium rare piece of Beef to add to the edifice; the chargrilled character of the meat will straight away interact with the fruit sensation and the ripeness of the mid-palate to counter balance and keep the perspective of both products… Yummy!

The red will be a Loire Valley red wine from Anjou: Saumur-Champigny les Terres Chaudes 2010; domaine T. Germain; A blend of 90% Cabernet Franc and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon.

First of all; those wines can also be enjoyed slightly chilled; so will also add complexity with the match as the temperature will act as a texture variance.

Cabernet Franc, when ripe – which is the case of the 2010- is delicious because it has the structure to bring power and frame ( and age very well) as well as a profound aromatic of plums; dark berries and green pepper. Also always a touch stalky that brings an extra dimension in the flavour profile.

This cuvee is also aged in Oak; which contribute to spices, layers and core.

The proteins of the Beef will combined harmoniously with the fruit and tannins of the Saumur Champigny and again the chargrilled flavour will match the spices and earthy tones of the wine. Digest and smooth, the wine will finely deliver its fruit profile and add juiciness to the combination;

Bon Appetit!

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