A Charming British Vineyard:

Wine enthusiasts retreat - Purbeck Vineyard LocationPurbeck Vineyard is a charming vineyard in South-West Dorset and the perfect retreat for any wine enthusiast on holiday. Its main feature is the beautiful house at its head, which serves as a 4* boutique hotel. Offering nine rooms, all uniquely decorated and furnished, this hotel provides a unique and refined base from which you can explore all that Dorset has to offer. Three of these rooms are of a suitable size for families. The restaurant also comes well recommended.

The Grapes:

The vineyard was established in 2000 and now has 3,000 vines spread over a 2 acre plot of land. Currently they produce two bottles of wine; the red Studland Ruby, and white Kimmeridge Mist. White grapes harvested include chardonnay, phoenix, kernling and seyval blanc; red include pinot noir, regent, and rondo – increasingly successful English grapes as mentioned in our previous review of the English Red Wine from Three Choirs vineyard.

Tasting Notes for the Wine Enthusiast:

On Purbeck’s Red wine:

Studland Ruby

A delicate wine with unmistakable fruit flavours blended from a mix of red grapes grown at Purbeck, though predominantly Pinot Noir.


Kimmeridge Mist UK White Wine PurbeckOn Purbeck’s White wine:

Kimmeridge Mist

This wine has a pleasing crispness to it and is packed with fruit flavours. A blended white from Chardonnay, Phoenix and Seyval Blanc grapes particularly suited to fish, white meats and seafood.

Purbeck also boasts an onsite winery, and this can be visited in one of the many guided tours on offer, all of which involve a wine tasting, however some tours also offer suitable food accompaniments, including different cheeses and meats.

The vineyard is evidently well-maintained and certainly idyllic being located on the south-facing slopes of the Purbeck Hills. Several rooms boast views of the both the vineyard and the hills beyond. However, its size does limit the number of activities possible on the estate, but thankfully there is no shortage of local sights and attractions.

Less than 2 miles away is the historic ruin of Corfe Castle, which casts its shadow onto the quaint village bearing its name below. Running nearby is the award-winning Swanage Railway, a line dedicated to steam trains. It you are looking for a way to arrive in style, it stops at Harmans Cross station, which is close to the vineyard. Perhaps the most obvious attraction, however, is the coast.

Purbeck Vineyard castleThe coastal town of Swanage is only a few miles away, and it has its own beach. Here you can partake in a wide variety of water sports and activities, including swimming, kayaking, and jet skiing. Swanage is also home to many restaurants and quaint shops.

If you are a wine enthusiast keen to enjoy both wine and a quintessentially British holiday, Purbeck Vineyard won’t disappoint.

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