Exclusive WineWeaver Gift Bags containing delectable Amelia Rope Chocolate for Valentine’s Day

The team at WineWeaver is no stranger to indulgence and when it came to creating a luxurious Valentine’s Day Gift for the palate, Amelia Rope Chocolate seemed the only fitting choice.

GIFT1028BG Amelia Rope Chocolate Truffles with Black Velvet Wine Aerator & Travel Tote

Valentine’s Day Chocolate & Wine

If chocolate is to be given this Valentine’s Day then only the best will do and Amelia Rope Chocolate certainly fits that description. Amelia Rope is one of Britain’s finest boutique chocolate brands offering mouth-watering award-winning chocolate that is all about quality, taste, indulgence and purity.

For those who have yet to try these artisanal and sumptuous chocolates, Amelia Rope Chocolate offers unique flavour combinations for a tantalising taste bud sensation –with her creations in much demand in a number of London’s leading stores such as Fortnum & Mason, Selfridges, Berry Bros. & Rudd and Liberty’s to name but a few.

Uniquely flavoured for chocolate lovers:

Amelia uses organic aromatherapy oils in her recipes to create truly inspired chocolate. Thus her explorations with taste and flavour have resulted in exceptional chocolate combinations that are each considered and luxurious – whose tastes linger on both the palate and in the memory.

Luxury Chocolate and Wine Aerator Gift Bags

Valentines Day Ideas Amelia Rope Chocolate Caramel Truffles GiftAmelia Rope Chocolate has been exclusively paired with our highly acclaimed WineWeaver wine aerators to create the perfect gift for your taste buds and your loved ones this Valentine’s Day.

Choose from a box of lavish caramel truffles enrobed in dark chocolate with a hint of Maldon sea salt or select an Amelia Rope Chocolate bar in one of her unique flavour combinations to really delight your taste buds. Simply exquisite!Gift Bag Amelia Rope Chocolate Bar Dark Raspberry Edition

In perfect partnership, WineWeaver’s wine aerator was voted the ‘Best Wine Aerator’ by award-winning Master Sommelier, Christopher Delalonde, with our wine aerator helping to unlock hidden flavours and aromas in your wine in an instant.

Why not indulge your taste buds with combining delicious wine and luxurious chocolate to make for a memorable Valentine’s Day present? And, whilst Amelia’s chocolate may last only a moment on the lips, you will be able to enjoy your wine in superb condition forever wine aerator black velvetmore with our durable and stylish wine aerator.

Visit WineWeaver’s shop to purchase online.

For more information about Amelia Rope, please visit her website at ameliarope.com

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