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Wine Aeration For Better Tasting Wine

wine aeration

Wine Aeration…..Really?

Clearly we are biased! After all, we have designed one of the leading wine aerators available today. But please read on to see why we are so passionate about wine aeration…

Red & White Wine Aeration

Most red wines and some white wines benefit from some form of wine aeration and in particular, those wines with high tannin levels. The process of aerating wine, or exposing it to air, is often called letting your wine breathe and can invariably make your wine taste better. Aerating wine helps soften and reduce the tannin and release the flavours and aromas within your wine.

Benefits of Wine Aeration:

  • Removes tannins in wine
  • Enhances the wines flavours
  • Improves the wines aroma

Just removing the cork and letting the bottle stand will not effectively aerate your wine as there is not enough space at the neck of the bottle for enough air to be in contact with the surface of the wine.

To effectively aerate your wine, you should either decant your wine into a decanter or use a wine aerator. That’s where WineWeaver can help since it can be used as both a Wine Funnel with Decanter and as a single glass Wine Aerator with your wine glass.

Why Choose A WineWeaver® Wine Aerator?

The WineWeaver® is the ultimate wine aerator, having been voted theBest Wine Aerator by Professional Wine Connoisseur, Christopher Delalonde.

  • Can be used with a decanter or a single wine glass
  • Fits the vast majority of wine glasses
  • Completely natural wine aeration process
  • Smooth and gentle wine aeration process
  • Enhances both red wine and white wine
  • Filters sediment and cork
  • Hands-free wine aerator
  • Integral non-drip stand
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean
  • Very lightweight and sits safely on fine glasses

WineWeaver® has a fully movable spout so that the wine aeration process can be adapted for use with both Decanters and Single Glasses.

Utilise WineWeaver® as a Wine Funnel with filter for decanting wine into a decanter, as well as place it on top of your wine glass as a fully functional and highly effective natural wine aerator that emulates the process of a decanter.

Experience an easy to use natural and hands-free wine aeration system from WineWeaver® that effectively aerates your wine for better tasting wine.

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