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Using a Decanter

using a decanter

WineWeaver is the perfect aerating funnel when using a decanter.

Using a decanter benefits most wines, both red and white. The process of encouraging a wine to open fully against the inner wall of a decanter and to gather at the base ready to serve will have a profound effect on the way it tastes, smells and drinks.

When using a decanter, a whole bottle of wine is poured into the decanter and allowed to rest (breathe) for a while. This will allow the wine to open and to reveal its full flavours and aromas before serving as desired.

Why use WineWeaver® as a funnel when using a decanter?

Using an aerating funnel (such as WineWeaver®) to decant the wine helps to reduce the rest period required, allowing a wine to be enjoyed closer to opening.

WineWeaver® is a uniquely adjustable wine aerator funnel as the aeration spout is movable – allowing you to adjust to your glassware for maximum aeration.

Take a look at our video gallery to see How WineWeaver works or to buy now, visit our WineWeaver shop.

For more information, see our article letting wine breathe

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