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How to Aerate Wine

how to aerate wine

How to Aerate Wine With Decanter or Glass

The two most practiced ways of how to aerate or decant wine are:

1. Pouring wine into a wine decanter – to assist with this you can use a wine funnel; and/or

2. Using a wine aerator to pour wine straight into your wine glass.

How to Aerate & Decant Wine using a Decanter

Pouring your wine into a decanter is a traditional method of aerating wine.

When the wine is poured into the decanter, the wine’s surface area is increased for faster, more effective wine aeration.

Using a wine funnel with a decanter aids effective wine aeration and often makes this job easier as there is a larger area in which to pour.

How to  Aerate Wine directly into a Wine Glass

The use of a wine aerator is a slightly more modern method of decanting wine and there are various different types of wine aerators on the market.

Those wine aerators that are most highly regarded, emulate the smooth and natural process of a decanter by increasing the surface exposure of the wine to air for effective wine aeration.

How to Choose a Wine Aerator

Always choose a wine aerator that provides a natural and smooth wine aeration system that respects a wine’s delicate balance, such as WineWeaver® which can be used as a wine funnel with a traditional decanter or as a wine aerator on top of a single wine glass.

Ideally a perfectly silent and captivating aeration system will enhance not only your wine, but your dining experience.

Other wine aerators on the market can unnaturally or forcibly bubble air into your wine, causing ‘wineshock’ or a bruising of the flavours in your wine. In addition, these types of vigorous wine aerators can often make an ungainly sucking or screeching noise when used and can ruin the ambience at the dining table.

When aerating wine, people often choose to utilise both methods of wine aeration (decanters and wine aerators) for better tasting wine.

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