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Aerating Wine with WineWeaver – Voted Best Aerator for Wine

aerating wine

Aerating wine – Why Bother?

Aerating wine, as most wine drinkers know, can really change the way a wine tastes and smells.

Aeration, or breathing helps a wine to open up and reveal locked in flavours and aromas that are held tight when sealed or vacuumed.

A wine that has had a chance to breathe has a softer profile with a fuller flavour and enhanced character, which offers a more rewarding wine experience.

Decanters are the most common breathing medium used to help a wine to breathe but this procedure is often associated with dinner parties and other occasions where you are likely to open and finish a whole bottle of wine.  What if you don’t want to have to commit a whole bottle just to get that decanter quality experience? More and more wine drinkers are looking for that ‘decanted’ taste to be present in a single glass without the fuss.

The WineWeaver® Unique Adjustable Delivery System (ADS) aerator is the perfect ‘Single Glass Aerator’, and is designed to aerate wine perfectly – a glass at a time, every time!

Aerating Wine in harmony with your glass

WineWeaver® is made from an ultra-light polycarbon, which allows it to sit safely and directly onto the rim of all types of wine glass. The advantage of this unique feature is that WineWeaver is able to harness the shape and curve of the wine glass to continue the aeration process, once the wine has left the aerator.

The relationship between the aerator and the wine glass is an essential combination as the two must act as one ‘Complete Breathing System’ to achieve the very best results. Leading glass manufacturers, such as Riedel, have ploughed enormous amounts of R&D into developing the latest shapes and designs in wine glass technology that would seem pointless if these clear advantages were excluded from the overall aeration procedure.

WineWeaver® is the only aerator for wine that works in perfect harmony with your wine glass to produce the world’s finest aeration experience. It was even voted best aerator for wine by award-winning Master Sommelier, Christopher Delalonde!

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