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Wine Aerator Testimonials

wine aerator testimonials

Welcome to the testimonials page for wine aerator testimonials.

All wine aerator testimonials are unsolicited and proof of submission can be provided upon request.

We are happy to share feedback and reviews received from our customers.

If you have something you’d like to share with others, please do contact us as we’d love to hear from you.

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Bridget, Manchester, UK

17-Jan-13  My WineWeaver Review: Instuctions were easy to follow and we’ve used our wine weaver a lot already. It made a great present – I bought it to try with a wine glass first so I could buy a decanter if we thought it worthwhile…I’m now off to buy a decanter! B x

21st June 2013

Jacqueline, Ivybridge, UK

21-Jan-13 I bought two WineWeavers as gifts for very particular wine enthusiasts. Both were impressed with the design, appearance and most of all the results in the taste of the wine. They also made a very good conversation piece at the Christmas dinner table!

21st June 2013

Hayley, Plymouth, UK

10-Apr-13 Truly excellent service! Looking forward to receiving the wine weaver.

21st June 2013

Bridget, Paeroa, New Zealand

05Jun13 Website was very easy to navigate…found it very informative, that’s why I decided to go ahead and purchase 🙂 Love my new aerator, thanks.

21st June 2013

Heather, Coalville, UK

18Jun13 Product works well and the wine buff who it was for was very pleased with it.

21st June 2013

Camelia, Romania

07-Dec-12 I just received my order and the items are exactly described on the website. I’m very satisfied! Thanks wineweaver!

23rd January 2013

Rory, London, UK

24-Dec-12 After having worked as a wine waiter I thought I understood all the varied facets of wine, but after having received a “weaver” I now see what I have been  missing

11th January 2013

Daniel, Ontario, Canada

09-Nov-12 Easy to use wine aerator – all pros and no cons! Would recommend WineWeaver to a friend and found your website easy to navigate.

11th January 2013

Ken, Broxburn, UK

06-Jul-12 Easy to use and does what it is meant to do. 100% satisfied with WineWeaver!

17th July 2012

Susan, Victoria, Australia

27-Jun-12 I love the color options and the stand! I have returned to buy for friends and family and would definitely recommend this aerator.

17th July 2012

Pete, Rye, UK

05-Jun-12 It makes a good wine even better. It is a great product and also a conversation piece at the table. Already purchased a second one as a gift for my son-in-law!

17th July 2012

Bob, California, USA

04-Jun-12 Easy to use and clean. Interesting aerating method and visually enjoyable. Great conversation piece. Would definitely recommend WineWeaver!

17th July 2012

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