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Wine Aerator Testimonials

wine aerator testimonials

Welcome to the testimonials page for wine aerator testimonials.

All wine aerator testimonials are unsolicited and proof of submission can be provided upon request.

We are happy to share feedback and reviews received from our customers.

If you have something you’d like to share with others, please do contact us as we’d love to hear from you.

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Sally, NB, Canada

22-Sep-11 I chose WineWeaver because of an article I found comparing the different aerators available. The WineWeaver came out on top in every category as well as price. I found it considerably less expensive than its competitors, which made it an attractive choice. Plus it is so pretty, looks like a crystal chalice!! I love the fact it is available in so many different colours to suit one’s decor; it certainly makes a difference to the taste of wines (for the better!!)

20th October 2011

Emma, London, UK

21-Sep-11 I was lucky to be given some lovely wines that required decanting and wanted something where I could enjoy it little by little…the wine weaver meant I could enjoy a glass as and when and the vacuum pump keeps it fresh!! A grand investment!!

Have already bought a second one as gift for fellow wine lover!!

10th October 2011

Angel, Miami, FL

21-Sep-11 I found WineWeaver through an online search as I wanted to buy a birthday gift for a friend who likes to drink red wine. I was very pleased with your service and with the product. Best wishes for your success.

7th October 2011

Steve, Shipley, West Yorkshire

21-Sep-11 It really does make a difference. Enjoying tasting the difference.Very good with quick dispatch.

6th October 2011

Simon, Surrey, UK

21-Sep-11 I found the WineWeaver very easy to use and I liked the blue colour. A very clean and asimple product that looks nice and seems to aerate wine well. I have already recommended it.

5th October 2011

Chase, Port Allen, LA

21-Sep-11 Very easy to use, dishwasher safe and durable. I have already recommended it to several friends.

30th September 2011

Dave, Virginia, USA

10-Sep-11 5 star quality, 5 star customer service.Would definitely recommend WineWeaver to a friend.

30th September 2011

Ivor, Hessle, UK

09-Sep-11 I took my WineWeaver to Spain and ended up giving it to a very good friend to use on a daily basis. Great with Spanish Rioja and the local wines you can get on holiday.

22nd September 2011

Steve, Essex, UK

08-Sep-11 Easy-to-use, stylish design.


21st September 2011

Bruce, Andersen, SC

30-Aug-11 Works great, Nice Molding/Design, and cosmetics great for kitchen. Excellent!!!!


19th September 2011

R.B., New Jersey, USA

25-Aug-11 Found WineWeaver through an online search for wine aerators. I like the design and the storage stand -would recommend to others. Thank you for the quick response from a real person. I will sign up for the newsletter – 5 out of 5 for quality.

12th September 2011

Kelly, San Francisco, CA

24-Aug-11 Easy to use, obvious improvement in wine and  fun to watch. Would definitely recommend to others – in fact several friends and family have already ordered!
Love it!

9th September 2011

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