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Frequently Asked Questions

We always try and answer customers questions. Below are a selection of the more popular questions we have been asked.
Why should I aerate wine?

Aeration, exposing wine to air, broadens its character and helps soften the acidity often found in younger wines, whilst coaxing out those complex tastes and aromas hidden in more mature bottles.

Traditionally, this has meant decanting a bottle of wine into a decanter and leaving it to breathe for a while. However, with a wine aerator, you can obtain the same decanter-quality wine in a fraction of the time.

WineWeaver’s® Single Glass  Decanter wine aerator delivers the highest level of naturally aerated wine served directly to your wineglass or decanter, revealing not only a heightened aroma but a smoother taste and more mellow finish than a wine poured straight from the bottle. 

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Do I use WineWeaver® wine aerators with a wine glass or a decanter?

The WineWeaver® wine aerator has been designed for use with both wine glasses and traditional decanters.

WineWeaver’s® unique adjustable spout allows for a smooth delivery across a wide variety of wine glasses and decanters to ensure aeration is suited to the shape and size of your wine glass or decanter.

So, whether you choose to have a glass of wine in the evening or you’re opening a bottle to share, the WineWeaver® wine aerator works in perfect harmony with your glassware, be that a glass or a decanter.

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Is the WineWeaver® easy to use?

Simply raise the aeration spout up for a single-glass setting or lower for use with a decanter then place the WineWeaver® wine aerator directly onto your glass or decanter for easy hands-free use.

By slowly pouring your wine through the WineWeaver®, the perforations in the adjustable spout will naturally weave air into your wine, unlocking its full potential.


How does the WineWeaver® aerator work?

When your wine is poured into the WineWeaver® wine aerator, the perforated spout maximises air exposure to naturally weave air into your wine for optimum conditioning. As pressure builds in the base of the spout, the eight precision designed exit holes continue the aeration process by cascading the wine down the inner wall of your wineglass or decanter, using the shape and curve of your glassware to achieve maximum aeration.

Additionally, as the wine is being poured through the WineWeaver®, the unique exterior multi-fins of the wine aerator enable continued airflow to your wine as it exits the spout, whilst maintaining direct and stable contact with your glass or decanter.

This simple, yet effective method of dual aeration allows you to instantly enjoy each and every wine in optimum drinking condition.

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Can I only use WineWeaver® with red wine?

No, WineWeaver® can be enjoyed using red, white and even rosé wines. The aeration of red wine is typically more practised, however, the aeration of white wine is becoming increasingly popular with more and more wine drinkers.

Generally, the aeration of red wine will produce more pronounced notes in their overall character, whilst the aeration of white wines will invariably produce a subtler enhancement to their aroma and flavour.

What happens if my guests prefer different wines?

Matching different foods to wine, or entertaining guests with differing personal tastes, is always a challenge for the host. Whilst some prefer heavier full-bodied reds, others prefer a wine with a lighter mouth-feel.

As a WineWeaver® wine aerator allows you to aerate your wine ‘by-the-glass’, this means that each and every wine can be instantly enjoyed in optimum drinking condition, without the need to decant the whole bottle – and for any unfinished bottles, WineWeaver® is the perfect partner for reviving vacuumed and re-sealed wines to enjoy later.

How can I clean my WineWeaver® aerator?
WineWeaver® is dishwasher safe, however, a gentle rinse by hand with lukewarm soapy water is sufficient to ensure a proper clean and is kinder in the long run. If choosing to use the dishwasher, select the ‘glass setting’ for washing.
What is WineWeaver® made from?
WineWeaver® wine aerators are crafted from a super light-weight polycarbon, which is 100% U.S. FDA and EEC approved and is compliant for use with alcohol.
Why did you choose to make WineWeaver® out of such a modern material?
WineWeaver® wine aerators are specifically engineered to sit in direct contact with your glassware. In order to ensure that the weight of the WineWeaver® plus the weight of the wine being poured through it wouldn’t crack your glassware, we crafted WineWeaver® from super light-weight polycarbon.

Additionally, crafting the WineWeaver® in this way has allowed us to introduce a contemporary mix of colour to our product range, whilst maintaining that crystal glass-like clarity associated with this modern material.

Is there a particular wine glass I should use with the WineWeaver®?
WineWeaver’s® distinctive exterior fins enable it to nestle securely on a wide range of wineglasses and decanters. So, WineWeaver® can be used whether you have a large or a more modest bowl to your wine glass.
Where do I pour the wine?
Pour the wine directly from your bottle into the main bowl of the WineWeaver® aerator, (once it’s sitting on your glass or decanter, of course). Don’t worry about pouring it straight into the spout chamber, as the wine is able to flow freely in and out of the spout through its perforations.

Watching the wine cascade down your wine glass can become mesmerising, however, don’t get too carried away in pouring out your wine! Make sure you’ve left enough room in your glass for the remaining wine in the aerator to exit.

What colours are available?
WineWeaver® is currently available in our Crystalline and Classic ranges, each in four stylish colorways: red, blue, green and purple as well as our most recently launched Black Velvet wine aerator range.

We are always developing new ideas, and therefore welcome comments on any other colours you would like to see in the future, simply contact us.

Are there any other benefits to using WineWeaver®?
Definitely. Not only will WineWeaver® deliver wonderfully aerated wine direct to your glass, but its uniquely perforated spout also acts to efficiently filter both sediment and cork, making your wine experience altogether more enjoyable.

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