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About WineWeaver Wine Aerators

wineweaver wine aerators
WineWeaver wine aerators are presented by a small, committed and dynamic team who are truly passionate in our aim to raise the awareness of the advantages of enjoying aerated wine. Flavours, aromas and character are all heightened when a wine has the opportunity to breathe (aerate) before serving which is why we designed the WineWeaver® wine aerator.

The passion of the founding partners led them to design a new wine aerator to incorporate functionality and a visual design which is both sophisticated and stylish.

Every aspect of the design has been thought about and investigated by the design team. The result is the first in a new generation of wine aerators designed to revolutionise your approach to enjoying wine by ensuring every glass of wine is delivered in a finely aerated condition.

About WineWeaver Wine Aerators classic green wine aerator Design

One example of the design development, is the material we chose to launch this new wine aerator in. It is light enough to sit on your glass but clear enough to pass as a glass itself.  It is smooth and designed not to chip or become unbalanced on your wine glass. This gives you hands-free usage when aerating your wine without the need for stands or other devices and is just one of the benefits of how WineWeaver wine aerators work.

A wine aerator of this standard has been brought about by the combining of a number of specialities. One of our team is a professional product designer specialising in high quality engine design and another of the team is an award winning wine expert.

These specialities have been combined with the business acumen, design interests and practical client service experience brought by the other team members. The result is a professional-standard wine aerator suitable for use in your home.

WineWeaver wine aerators blend unparalleled performance with state-of-the-art design to deliver perfectly aerated wine direct to your wine glass or decanter.

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