WineWeaver Video Gallery

Watch WineWeaver wine aerators in action!

This page contains some video footage of our WineWeaver wine aerator products in action. If you have anything you’d like to add or share with us, please get in contact, but for now enjoy the show!

‘An Introduction to Wine Aeration’

Master Sommelier, Christopher Delalonde provides an Introduction on aerating wine.

‘Une Introduction sur l’aeration du vin avec le WineWeaver’presentee par Christopher Delalonde,

Le WineWeaver, presentee par Christopher Delalonde, Master Sommelier et meilleur sommelier de Grande Bretagne 2010

‘WineWeaver in Action’

Watch our wine aerator in action in the below video. Breathing is natural…

‘How WineWeaver Works’

See the stages of wine aeration for the Single Glass and  a Decanter.

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