M Cant, Edinburgh, UK

30-Nov-13 We used our wine weaver tonight on a Malbec from Sainsbury’s.  It really made a difference to the wine!

P.Singh, London, UK

21-Nov-13 The WineWeavers have arrived and they look beautiful! They actually arrived the very next day after placing my order and in perfect time to pack for my overseas journey! Thank you.

P Singh, London, UK

20-Nov-13 It was a pleasure talking with your customer care team and I really appreciated the help and support. What a joy to have such a fruitful exchange in a commercial world that seems to have forgotten the ancient art of honour and willingness to help! Thank you, and I will certainly be recommending you […]

Caroline, London, UK

30-Sep-13 WineWeaver aerates wine beautifully. Is lightweight and sits on glass/decanter without having to hold it in one hand and pour with the other as you do with other wine aerators.

Alan, Durham, UK

20-Jul13 WineWeaver Product Review – Excellent product & good service. Have already recommended to friends.

Rebecca, London, UK

28-May13 Heard about WineWeaver from a personal recommendation. 5 our of 5 for WineWeaver colour range and functionality.

Mike, Edinburgh, Scotland

10-Apr-13 We are enjoying our WineWeavers very much and the difference in taste in noticeable. They are good fun ,also and we thought we might have one for each guest at dinner, hence placing a second order

Mark, Basingstoke, UK

20-Feb-13 I found the wineweaver initially by doing Best Aerator reviews through google, I then bought 3 in Xmas 2011 and another this month. Great product.

Andrew, HIgh Wycombe, UK

23-Jan-13 WineWeaver – An excellent product that makes a real difference.

Rod, Leeds, UK

16-Jan-13 I was given a wine weaver as a gift and thought it an excellent choice as a Christmas gift for another of my wine appreciating friends