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  • The WineWeaver adjustable wine aerator offers proven excellence and convenience allowing direct bottle to glass wine aeration.
  • The synergy between our adjustable wine aerator and the glass creates a "Complete Breathing System" without the need to breathe the bottle.
  • WineWeaver is.....aerating wine perfectly – a glass at a time, every time!
  • A more rewarding wine experience from WIneWeaver.....the Master Sommelier's choice!
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    WineWeaver LATEST

    Gourmet Food Goft with Premium Olive Oil from Golden Nectar

    We are proud to announce a launch of a new gourmet food gift hamper to celebrate the spring and Easter time. Wine and olive oil are so complimentary to each other.Just imagine, think of long, long Mediterranean lunches under olive groves with tables bending under the weight of fresh breads, cheeses, olives and olive oil all … Read More...

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    “The WineWeaver is my new favorite accessory; I don’t leave home without it! Wine tastes much better than before. What more could any wine drinker ask for?!”
    Alexandria, Philadelphia, USA

    “I am a returning customer and I love everything about WineWeaver. This time bought one of their giftboxes. As always - great experience!”
    Sandra, Latvia

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    HOW WineWeaver Wine Aerators WORK

    It's not rocket science! Aerating wine with as much Oxygen as possible. The simple yet effective design of a WineWeaver wine aerator ensures maximum wine aeration with minimum fuss. The unique Adjustable Delivery System (ADS) is designed to aerate wine ..... Find out more...

    WineWeaver WINE GIFTS & HAMPERS!

    Wine Aerator Picnic Hamper Party Bundle
    Riedel crystal mini decanter; Classic Purple Wine Aerator; Purple wine aerator tote bag; Wicker Picnic Hamper.
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