• WineWeaver wine aerators offer proven excellence and convenience allowing direct bottle to glass wine aeration.
  • The synergy between our wine aerator and the glass creates a "Complete Breathing System" without the need to breathe the bottle.
  • WineWeaver is.....aerating wine perfectly – a glass at a time, every time!
  • A more rewarding wine experience from WIneWeaver.....the Master Sommelier's choice!
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    Suzy Pelta Reviews WineWeaver aerator

    Suzy Pelta, ITV’s Lorraine’s Cake Club Winner, has put  a WineWeaver wine aerator to the test! Suzy Pelta, by her own admission, is a lover of all things food and wine! She also has a particular talent for being able to bake mouth-watering creations in the kitchen. Since … Read More on Suzy Pelta...

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    Recent Testimonial : John, W Yorks, UK

    "WineWeaver really does make a difference. Enjoying tasting the difference. Very good, with quick dispatch."

    "I received my 9 sets today, and they are fantastic! Very nice looking, and worked great last night while sampling a little Chateau St Jean cab. Will thoroughly enjoy giving some of these as gifts at Thanksgiving and Christmas"

    Keith, Arkansas, US

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    HOW WineWeaver WORKS

    It's not rocket science! Aerating wine with as much Oxygen as possible. The simple yet effective design of a WineWeaver wine aerator ensures maximum wine aeration with minimum fuss. This makes our wine.....

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