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English Vineyard Camel Valley 420 x 250

Our next mini-series of articles charts the success and offerings of English Wine Producers, a hot topic following this week’s BBC Radio 4 investigation by Sheila Dillon into the rise of English Wines. First on our hot list is Camel Valley in Cornwall. A English Vineyard of Note: Founded in … Read More.....

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31-Jan-14 Testimonial: WineWeaver - it's a fab product...really easy to use and makes a real difference to the taste of our wine. Would I recommend this product? - definitely...I already have!WineWeaver Testimonial - Lucy, Bearstead, UK

31-Jan-14 Testimonial: Bought 3 x coloured corkscrews (Murano Corkscrew by Waiter's Friend). You had the colours available, design and features I wanted. Would recommend to a friend. 5/5 value for money, product quality and customer service.Murano Corkscrew Testimonial: Dominic, London, UK

04-Dec-13 WineWeaver seems to work very well - I did some taste tests comparing the unaerated wine with the wine that had been weaved and was impressed to note the difference. Easy to use and I think it's a great gift! Very good product and good value considering the valueChristopher, London, UK

03-Dec-13 WineWeaver has a nice design and works well. I have recommended to several of my friends/family who have since purchased them. Works well for white as well as red, nice design and nice colours.Mark, Basingstoke, UK

03-Dec-13 I have ordered 3 now in the same colour, in 2 separate orders. My WineWeavers are very easy to use & I would recommend this product to a friend.Marielle, London, UK

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