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Vega Sicilia Wine Roast Saddle of Lamb

The Wine Tasting Dinner! Having previously set the scene of the 150 Year Anniversary Vega Sicilia Dinner, we now get down to the nitty gritty of the Vega Sicilia wine tastings themselves. Vega Sicilia Wine Tasting List: Our first wine tasting was of the 2007 Valbuena and the 1994 Vegas Sicilia … Read More.....

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03-Dec-13 WineWeaver has a nice design and works well. I have recommended to several of my friends/family who have since purchased them. Works well for white as well as red, nice design and nice colours.Mark, Basingstoke, UK

31-Jan-14 Testimonial: Bought 3 x coloured corkscrews (Murano Corkscrew by Waiter's Friend). You had the colours available, design and features I wanted. Would recommend to a friend. 5/5 value for money, product quality and customer service.Murano Corkscrew Testimonial: Dominic, London, UK

04-Dec-13 WineWeaver seems to work very well - I did some taste tests comparing the unaerated wine with the wine that had been weaved and was impressed to note the difference. Easy to use and I think it's a great gift! Very good product and good value considering the valueChristopher, London, UK

31-Jan-14 Testimonial: WineWeaver - it's a fab product...really easy to use and makes a real difference to the taste of our wine. Would I recommend this product? - definitely...I already have!WineWeaver Testimonial - Lucy, Bearstead, UK

03-Dec-13 I have ordered 3 now in the same colour, in 2 separate orders. My WineWeavers are very easy to use & I would recommend this product to a friend.Marielle, London, UK

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